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Photos of our dog young ladies

We've got photos of our 3 femalesin age 10 and 11 months, we've added them to section Breeding. Overview: Abilene, Amarilla, Arista

- 16.2.2014 -

PF 2014

- 23.12.2013 -

Arthur, Alf and Arnulf

Our puppies are 9 months old, their owners send us photos of Arthur (70 cm, 35 kg), Alf and Arnulf. More pictures are in Breeding section.


- 18.12.2013 -

Odas passed FPr3 tracking trial

in Rapotice, 27.10.2013. Judge was Mr. Venhauer.

- 31.10.2013 -

Cassanté 2nd on French Shepherd Republic Championship ...

... but only in mixed class FPr1, UPr1 and SPr1. We did obedience (UPr1) and get 86 points. Not bad at all.

- 9.10.2013 -

Puppies are half year old

Our litter A puppies are half year old. See photo of Abilene and Arista. They are beautiful.

- 9.10.2013 -

Odas took part in funny summer competition

Odas with our friend Vladimir started in a summer competition which was organized at our training camp at Rapotice. They had to pass various disciplines, you can see run in a cart. They ended fift. Congratulations!

- 20.8.2013 -

Alf has a new home

Also Alf went finally to his new home on Saturday. We took one last photo of our dog family in the morning.

- 3.6.2013 -

Alf is still free

Arnulf went to his new family on Saturday. A new friend - collie puppy boy. Aika left already on Monday. At home we have only Amarilla and Alf. Alf is still waiting for his people. There are new video posted on this web, Alf and Amarilla yet with Arnulf.

- 29.4.2013 -

Last free male for sale

We offer last male for sale. This weekend, first puppies went to new homes: Abilene, Adalbert, Arthur, Arista and Aimee. Good luck!

- 21.4.2013 -

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